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New - Dual Channel "Stingray" USB Oscilloscope






EasySYNC Gets Elektra Nomination


EasySYNC’s DS60M10 Stingray USB-based multi-function instrument, which was released earlier this year, has received a nomination in the 2013 Elektra Awards. The highly compact dual channel device, which combines oscilloscope, data logger, spectrum analyser, voltmeter and frequency meter functionality, is among those competing in the Best Test Product category.


Elektra Awards 


Serial-to-WLAN Converter


Available through EasySYNC, the Sollae CSW-H85K Serial-to-WLAN converter has RS232, RS422 and RS485 interface ports. This product has the same functionality as the CSW-H85F, but is supplied with a UK/alternative adapter power supply, rather than a US supply. As well as basic functions, CSW-H85K comes with Wireless RSSI and Soft AP mode. It also has embedded IPv4/IPv6 dual stacks and an enhanced wireless encryption protocol.


Application Story


German firm iPLON GmbH  is a regular user of EasySYNC’s USB converter products. iPLON specializes in decentralized intelligence solutions. The company uses the ES-U-2102-M and ES-U-2104-M USB converters to connect to data loggers monitoring the output from the solar inverters in renewable energy implementations. These data loggers have two or four RS485 serial ports, so by using the EasySYNC USB converters it is possible to expand the functionality to more RS485-interfaces and add the ability to interface with a laptop computer. This means that the acquired data can be analysed and manipulated by field operatives using modern software packages. “We really enjoy working with the EasySYNC team. They have always been very responsive to our specific needs. The USB converters offer the performance and reliability required for this application. Everything runs fine, without problems.” states Edgar Schneider, Managing Director of iPLON GmbH.


USB Converters


New Videos


Sollae Products from EasySYNC 


Learn about the rugged and cost-effective connectivity solutions from Sollae Systems now available through EasySYNC’s European and North American sales networks. Expertly manufactured, these products offer high levels of performance and reliability. 


Watch the video.


EasySYNC's USB Instruments


This video covers the recently expanded range of USB Instruments from EasySYNC. These highly integrated analysis tools are extremely portable and simple to use, offering unmatched price and performance metrics far above competing products.


Watch the video.



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