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Document Type Revision File
Quick Start Guide - DS1M12_Quick_Start_Guide
Product Flyer - DS1M12(Stingray) Product Flyer.pdf
EasyLogger Help - DS1M12_EasyLogger_Help.pdf
EasyScopeII Help - DS1M12_EasyScopeII_Help.pdf



File Version
New! EasySYNC CDM20828 WHQL 2.08.28
NOTE: Be sure to install device drivers prior to installing applications 
 Installation instructions found in the README.TXT file contained within the .zip file
File Version Details
EasyScope II Application Software 1.4.5
Oscilloscope Interface DLL & Code Examples -

Note: both files are required for setup

EasyLogger Application Software  1.0

Data Logger Interface DLL & Code Examples  -

Note: both files are required for setup




***QTY >= 10, CONTACT US***

HP-3060 and S1-9000 probes also available for purchase.

The DS1M12 or Stingray Multi-Function Instrument, is powered from USB and needs no external power supply. The DS1M12 combines the functions of Oscilloscope, Data Logger, Spectrum Analyser, Volt Meter, Frequency Meter and Signal Generator in a single instrument. The DS1M12 features simultaneous 12-bit sampling on both channels, a native  sampling rate of 1MS/s ( 20MS/s for repetitive signals ), sophisticated hardware triggering including delayed time base and pulse width. It also has  a 3rd channel which can be a waveform generator output or an external trigger input.

DS1M12 EasyScope II ( oscilloscope ) and EasyLogger ( data logging ) software is downloadable royalty free.


·    Combined Oscilloscope, Data Logger, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyzer,
     Voltage and Frequency Meter functions
·    12-Bit ADC Resolution
·    12-Bit data streaming simultaneously on both channels.
·    32k Byte Waveform buffer
·    Oscilloscope Mode - 20M S/s sampling rate ( repetitive ) 1M S/s native
·    DataLogger Mode - up to 50k S/s 12-bit data streaming simultaneously on both
·    Maximum input voltage +/- 50V DC (35V RMS AC)
·    AC / DC Coupling
·    Edge, min/max,  pulse width and delayed trigger modes
·    Analog Bandwidth 250KHz
·    Inbuilt 10-bit waveform generator with +/- 3.5v output range and 1k buffer.
·    Hardware upgradeable over USB
·    Bus Powered USB Interface ( 250mA )
·    EasyScope II  ( Windows ) software (see downloads)
·    EasyLogger ( Windows ) software (see downloads)
·    Interface DLL's and code samples for 3rd party developers included
·    Instrument carrying bag included
·    Attractive enclosure with rubberized mouldings
·    Dimensions - W: 116mm x H: 30mm x D: 100mm

10% Student and Educational discount available



 DS1M12 Capabilities Demonstration:


Thanks to Dr. Gökhan Esirgen, Lab Director, USC Department of Physics and Astronomy, for producing this video!



(Click here to view full-size video on YouTube)

DS1M12_Quick_Start_Guide[2] [PDF, 278.63 KB]
DS1M12[Stingray] Product Flyer [PDF, 283.35 KB]
DS1M12_EasyLogger_Help [PDF, 585.43 KB]
DS1M12_EasyScopeII_Help [PDF, 725.38 KB]
EasySYNC_CDM20828_Windows_Certified [ZIP, 1.34 MB]
DDL1M12_DLL_Update [ZIP, 66.16 KB]
DDL1M12_DLL_Setup [ZIP, 393.35 KB]
DDL1M12_Setup [ZIP, 4.03 MB]
DS1M12_DLL_Update [ZIP, 67.7 KB]
DS1M12_DLL_Setup [ZIP, 912.38 KB]
DS1M12_Setup [ZIP, 4.41 MB]