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Datasheet 1.10 DS_USB2-H-5004.pdf
Quick Start Guide 1.10 USB2-H-5004_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf



Download FTDI Virtual COM Port (VCP) Drivers for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

***QTY >= 10, CONTACT US***

The USB2-H-5004, provides a simple method of adapting legacy serial devices with RS485 interfaces to modern USB ports.  This is accomplished by incorporating the industry standard FTDI FT4232H USB-Serial bridge chip.

Each USB2-H-5004 adapter contains a small internal electronic circuit board which utilises the FTDI FT4232H, mounted inside a rugged plastic enclosure capable of withstanding industrial temperature ranges. The integrated electronics also include RS485 level shifters and TXD/RXD LEDs to provide a visual indication of data traffic through the adapter.

Flexible mounting allows the USB2-H-5004 to be used in a variety of applications, from a portable adapter to accompany a laptop to permanent installations in industrial, commercial and retail locations.

The enclosure incorporates a standard USB-Mini-B client connector for connection to an upstream host or hub port.  RS485-level signals, are available on an industry-standard DE-9P (DB9) connector.  The maximum RS485-level data rate is 10 Mbps. 

The USB2-H-5004 adapter require USB device drivers, available free from, which are used to make the USB2-H-5004 appear as a Virtual COM Port (VCP). This allows existing serial communications software, such as HyperTerminal, to exchange data through the USB2-H-5004 to a legacy RS485 peripheral device.

Pin 9 of the D-sub connector can provide +5 V power output with maximum 250 mA (sum of all current drawn on all 4 interfaces). 


·    Adds dual RS485 serial port by connecting to a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface.
·    Echo and non-Echo modes selection.
·    Easy plug & play installation and RS485 device connection
·    Works with USB 1.1 & 2.0 Host and Hub ports
·    Industry Standard FTDI chip set & device drivers for maximum compatibility
·    Microsoft Windows® WHQL-certified, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows CE device
               drivers downloadable for free
·    Installs as a standard Windows COM port
·    COM Port Number assignment is configurable
·    FIFO:  2k byte transmit buffer, 2k byte receive buffer
·    RS485 data signals: Data+, Data-, GND
·    Powered by USB port. No external power adapter required.
·    Pin 9 of DE-9P (DB9) can provide +5 VDC output at 250 mA (total on 4 ports)
·    Serial port speed up to 8Mbps
·    Serial Communication Parameters 
               o    Parity: None, Even, Odd 
               o    Data bits: 7, 8 
               o    Flow control: X-ON/X-OFF, None
·    Dual DE-9P (DB9)  male connector
·    LEDs indicate USB Enumeration, RxD, TxD for monitoring port status & easy 
·    Operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C
·    USB cable of 0.9 meter included
·    FCC and CE approved.

DS_USB2-H-5004 [PDF, 930 KB]
USB2-H-5004_Quick_Start_Guide [PDF, 277.04 KB]