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Document Type Revision File
Quick Start Guide 1.00 S1-A-7001_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf
Datasheet 1.20 DS_S1-A-7001.pdf
CAN Plus Custom CAN Data Rates 1.00 AN_102_CAN_Plus_Custom_CAN_Data_Rates.pdf
CAN Plus Message Filtering 1.01 AN_103_CAN_Plus_Message_Filtering.pdf
CAN Plus Migration Guide 1.00 TN_101_EasySync_CAN_Plus_Migration_Guide.pdf



Version File
2.2 S1A7001 FW V


Firmware Load Utility
Version File


Firmware v2.2 (V1022 or V1222 with the “V” command) is required to use this utility.  Contact EasySYNC support to upgrade from earlier firmware versions.


***QTY >= 10, CONTACT US***

The S1-A-7001 is a RS232 to CANbus adapter which operates at up to 1Mbps on both RS232 and CANbus interfaces.

Each S1-A-7001 contains a small internal electronic circuit board mounted inside of a plastic case capable of withstanding industrial temperature ranges. The integrated electronics include a Microchip PIC with the ECAN controller.  LEDs give a visual indication of the CANbus status.

The S1-A-7001 requires an external power supply with an input voltage range of +6VDC to +15VDC.

Its small size allows the S1-A-7001 to be used in a variety of applications, from a portable adapter to accompany a laptop to permanent installations in industrial and commercial locations.

The enclosure incorporates a DE-9S connector that allows connection to an RS232 device in DTE configuration by using a straight-through cable.  CANbus signals are available on an industry-standard DE-9P connector conforming to the CAN-in-Automation (CiA) DS102-2 pin-out.  The maximum CANbus data rate is 1Mbps.  RS232 data rates range from 2400bps to 460.8Kbps and 1Mbps.


·    Adds one CANbus port by connecting to RS232
·    Easy installation and CANbus device connection
·    Supports Windows Server 2008, 2003, Vista, XP 2000, Linux, Mac OS X and any
     other operating system that supports COM ports
·    Wide power supply input voltage range of +6VDC to +15VDC
·    CANbus speed up to 1Mbps
·    CANbus connector conforms to CiA DS102-2
·    LEDs indicate Initialization and CANbus status for monitoring port status & easy
·    High-temperature plastic enclosure
·    Operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C