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Document Type Revision File
Quick Start Guide 1.0 DS60M10_Quick_Start_Guide
Safety leaflet 1.0 DS60M10 Safety Leaflet
EasyScopeIII User Manual 1.0 DS60M10_EasyScopeIII_User _Manual



File Version
New! EasySYNC CDM20828 WHQL 2.08.28
NOTE: Be sure to install Windows device drivers prior to installing applications 
 Installation instructions found in the README.TXT file contained within the .zip file
File Version Details
EasyScope III Application Software for Windows (for use with the DS60M10 only) 1.1  Please download all files as below
New! DS60M10_Setup_Windows(1)
EasyScope III Application Software and Driver for MAC OS X (For use with the DS60M10 only)   DS60M10_Setup_MAC



The DS60M10 does not come with probes but the HP-3060 and S1-9000 probes also available for purchase.

The DS60M10 or Stingray Multi-Function Instrument is powered from USB and needs no external power supply. The DS60M10 combines the functions of Oscilloscope, Data Logger, Spectrum Analyser, Frequency Meter and Voltage meter functions in a single instrument. The DS60M10 features simultaneous 10/8 bit sampling on both channels, a native sampling rate for the oscilloscope is 60MHz and the DataLogger up to 1K samples, sophisticated hardware triggering including delayed time base and pulse width. The DS60M10 oscilloscope also has a 3rd channel which can be an external trigger input.

DS60M10 EasyScope III (oscilloscope and data logging) software and drivers are downloadable royalty free from the EasySYNC website for Windows and MAC OS X platforms.


· Combined Oscilloscope, Data Logger, Spectrum Analyser, Frequency Meter and Voltage Meter functions

· 10/8-Bit data streaming simultaneously on both channels

· Sampling Rate

-       Oscilloscope; 60M samples/sec maximum on both channels, simultaneous

-       Data Logger; up to 1K Samples/Sec

· Maximum input voltage +/- 50VDC (35V RMS AC)

· AC/DC Coupling

· Edge, min/max, pulse width and delayed trigger modes

· Analog Bandwidth – 5MHz

· Support for X1 and X10 probes

· Bus-powered USB Interface (500Ma) – no external power supply required

· Instrument carrying soft case and USB cable included

· Dimensions – W: 116mm x H: 30mm x D: 100mm

· Weight: 0.34Kg (excluding cable)

· Instrument carrying soft case and USB cable included



EasyScope III Software Features (Oscilloscope):

· 2 Oscilloscope channels

· Time base – 100ns/div to 200ms/div

· Y-Scale 25mV/div to 5V/div

· On screen X and Y measurement cursors

· FFT Spectrum Analyser display on both channels

· Meter displays – Min, Max, Mean, True RMS Voltage and Frequency

· Auto-set function

· Save captured data as CSV or BMP files

· The channel selectable as trigger input or probe compensation (2.5V square wave at 1kHz)



EasyScope III Software Features (Data Logger):

· 2 data logging channels

· Sampling rate up to 1ms (1000 samples/sec)

· Input saturation ranges from 0.1V to 20V

· Save captured data as CSV or BMP files

· Import from previously saved CSV files 


10% Student and Educational discount available 









DS60M10 Persistence Mode






DS60M10 Datalogger Mode