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Document Type Revision File
Quick Start Guide - ES_DLA_8 Quick_Start_Guide
ES DLA User Manual 1.2



File Version
New! EasySYNC CDM20828 WHQL 2.08.28
NOTE: Be sure to install Windows device drivers prior to installing applications 
 Installation instructions found in the README.TXT file contained within the .zip file
File Version Details
Logic Analyzer Application Software for Windows New! ES-DLA-8-16 Logic Analyzer Software for Windows


The EasySYNC ES-DLA-8 is our latest ultra-portable, lightweight logic analyser that combines the functions of RAW, RLE, internal & external clock and 8 channels into a single instrument. The ES-DLA-8 offers a maximum sampling rate of 60MHz or 4-bit RAW with an external clock input. Powered by USB the ES-DLA-8 needs no external power supply. Offering a search function, zoom in, zoom out and full view display the quality ES-DLA-8 from EasySYNC provides all the Logic Analyser needs at an affordable cost.

The ES-DLA-8 comes complete with an attractive enclosure with rubberized mouldings, portable carry case, 1 USB cable, 1 testing cable/probe and a handy quick start guide. Hardware is upgradeable over USB.
·         Number of Channels: 8
·         Capture clock: external clock and internal clock
·         Internal capture: use internal clock programmable rates up to 60MHz RLE or 4bit raw
·         Data capture modes: Raw data or RLE (Run Length Encoding)
·         Maximum number of samples: 256MB
·         Maximum input voltage: -0.5 … +5.25V DC
·         Input Overvoltage protection: +/-20V (Not meant for continuous operation outside -0.5 … +5.25V)
·         CMOS standard voltage thresholds -0.5 … +0.8V – Logic Low; +2.0 … +5.25V – Logic High.
·         Hardware upgradeable over USB
·         Bus Powered USB Interface (60mA)
·         Attractive enclosure with rubberized mouldings
·         Dimensions - W: 40mm x H: 10mm x D: 53mm
·         Trigger modes: Rising Edge, Falling Edge, High Level and Low Level
·         Maximum number of samples: 1 Billion
·         Pre-Trig Mode: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%
·         Zoom-in, Zoom-out and Full view.
·         Protocol Analyser: I2C, SPI, OneWire and UART.
·         Search Function: Data and Condition.
·         Save results to CSV file
·         Save results to BMP file